COVID-19 has significantly impacted our regular fundraising activities. We are currently facing increased project costs as we continue to adapt to best support our clients, whilst we are projecting a sharp fall in income from our traditional funding streams. At Borderline, we receive no statutory funding and rely on your generous support. Our support services, like our Scottish Outreach Worker project, are still providing ongoing support to our clients for as long as required. We need your help to continue doing so.

Jessica, our Chair and monthly Saltire Donor Club donor, explains why she gives: “Borderline’s painstaking one-to-one work with the homeless is essential, especially right now. The dedicated outreach team provides the professional support required to address the complicated and often interconnected needs and trauma at the heart of each individual’s homelessness. To do this requires long-term and stable funding, so as a London Scot I give all the help I can to tackle this issue.”

Now more than ever, you could help to transform the life of a Scot in need.