Our Vision

That every Scot in London has a home and the support they need to lead a healthy and independent life


As the only London-based charity for homeless Scots, we provide the services that we know address the needs of our clients to enable them to move away from homelessness. Every rough sleeper can and should be helped off the streets to lead their life in a sustainable way.

“Homelessness is a prevalent issue in London. The numbers continue to rise, and this represents a real issue for Scots in London who have fallen on harder times.”

Shona Fleming
Chief Executive

Homeless Scots in London are vulnerable, isolated and far from home. Many Scots come to London and prosper. However, far too often they find themselves facing difficulties much greater than they left behind. According to statistics, more than 1 in 20 of the UK homeless population in London is Scottish [CHAIN, 2018].

Having nowhere to live, suffering from complex issues, encountering repeated failure, and being stigmatised by the general population can swiftly force people into isolation and devaluing themselves.

Our primary objectives are:

Tackle homelessness wherever possible

Prevent rough sleeping

Ensure clients have access to appropriate specialist help

Support our clients with access to a wide range of accommodation options

Our clients fall into the following categories:

Insecurely housed

Rough sleepers

Entrenched rough sleepers

To be eligible for support, applicants must be located within a 35 mile radius of Charing Cross.