Supporting Homeless Scots in London

Borderline CEO sleeps out

On Monday 30 October, Borderline’s CEO Shona Fleming took part in the 2017 CEO Sleepout London at Lord’s Cricket Ground alongside eight other Borderline fundraisers. Special thanks to all of our fundraisers – Borderline Chairman Reverend Philip Majcher, Borderline Trustee Jessica Cadzow-Collins, and supporters John Mowbray, Sheena Patel, Lisa Oluigbo, Anita Patel, Kate Craighead and Janine Green. Together they raised nearly £17,000 for Borderline.

Shona said: “I am fortunate that I had a choice when deciding whether or not to sleep out; our clients do not have that luxury. Many Scots come to London because of a breakdown in their relationship, family disputes, escaping violence or abuse.

“Far too often the difficulties our clients face in London are much greater than those they leave behind. Having nowhere to live, encountering repeated failure when trying to find work, and being stigmatised by the general population can swiftly force people into de-valuing themselves.”

Reverend Philip Majcher said “It was an experience that has reminded me how fortunate I am to have a home to go to. Many thanks to all who supported me and donated to my justgiving. com page.”

If you would like to fundraise for Borderline, including perhaps participating in a challenge event, please contact our Fundraising Officer Olivia on 0845 456 2190 or