Supporting Homeless Scots in London

Dugald’s story

Dugald was born in Kilmarnock but has lived in London from an early age. I met Dugald in 2017 and supported him off the street and into supported hostel accommodation following a year of street homelessness.  Dugald seemed to settle well, but eight months later, he was reported as a missing person by hostel staff after he abandoned the accommodation for no obvious reason.

Two months later Dugald returned to The Connection and asked to meet with me.  He told me that he had been sleeping rough and that he had abandoned the accommodation due to a lack of support from the hostel staff.  He was anxious about managing his housing, including money management and said that he had felt unsafe at times.  This increased anxiety level had led to an increase in Dugald’s substance misuse and the eventual abandonment of his accommodation.

On a positive note, Dugald returned to me for help, and by listening to him and working together, we identified his reasons for leaving.  I worked with the local street outreach team in Westminster and the local council to secure a high support accommodation placement that would provide the emotional and practical support that Dugald needed.     

Dugald has been accepted onto the higher support need accommodation list and is currently awaiting a vacancy.  In the meantime, Dugald is staying in The Connection night shelter.  His belongings from the previous accommodation have been safely stored and will be collected when he moves into his new accommodation.

I’m still meeting with Dugald and will support him to access help around his substance misuse and continue seeing him until he makes the permanent move into his new accommodation.  Breaking the cycle of homelessness doesn’t always work the first time, it takes a non-judgemental approach and lots of patience and hard work on both sides!