Supporting Homeless Scots in London

Fundraise for us

We are currently looking for people to help us raise money for Borderline. Every penny you raise or donate will go towards helping homeless Scots in London.

To find out more, please contact our Fundraising Officer, Andrew.

You can call 0845 4562 190 or email

Stuck for an idea? Here are some fundraising suggestions…

On Your Marks…

Fundraise for usAre you a marathon runner? Why not select Borderline as your chosen charity next time you run!



The Great Benevolent Bake Off

If you love baking, holding a cake stall is easy! Friends, family, neighbours or colleagues – treat them to something tasty for a good cause.

Collect Your Coppers

Fundraise for usFill a jar or one of our wee hooses with your spare pennies and tuppences (the back of the sofa is a good starting point…) and when the jar is full, count up the money and donate it to Borderline!




Quizzes and Games

Hosting a quiz/games night is easy. At the pub, at home – invite your fact-loving friends and ask them for a small donation to take part. Pubs and clubhouses are often happy to see extra faces and might offer a small prize for the winner.

Five-a-side Football Challenge

Know any sporty types? Bring together your fanciest footwork-ing friends to compete in a football competition. If participants donate a couple of quid to play and spectators do the same, you’ll soon have a tidy sum to help us reach our goal of ensuring a bed for every Scot in London.

Fundraise At Your Place of Worship

Fundraise for usFrom a simple collection to carol singing, you can get your whole congregation involved in fundraising for Borderline. Speak to our Fundraising Officer if you would like Borderline collection tins.



Tell us about it!

Fundraise for usTell us on Facebook what you are doing to support Borderline’s work by mentioning @UKBorderline in your posts (you will need to ‘like’ us first)


Fundraise for usIf you use twitter, message us @UkBorderline and use the hash tag #TEAMborderline


Best of luck with your fundraising and thank you for choosing to support Borderline’s work with homeless Scots in London. Don’t forget to send us your pictures…