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Our volunteers fundraise, help out in the office or just spread the word that Borderline is here to help. Contact us to find out more.

If you are already a volunteer, we’d love to hear how you support Borderline! Send us your stories, pictures or videos, and we’ll post them on the site.

A Gift in your Will

“I found out it surprisingly difficult to think about leaving a gift to Borderline in my will. I didn’t know why: I absolutely believe in the work Borderline is doing, and it is critical that it should carry on. Homelessness is getting worse and I have seen for myself, as a supporter, how intervention by Borderline caseworkers can turn someone’s life round.

When I thought about it a bit more, I realised that the stumbling block was actually writing a will, because it involves thinking about death, which is never easy. I had been putting it off for years. But when I went to a solicitor recently to finally do it, it turned out to be very straightforward (we even shared a few jokes).

I want to look after my children, naturally, and I made sure they were provided for. It was somehow easy after that to think of Borderline clients as something of an extended family, part of our human family if you like. When it was all done, I felt relieved. I have no intention of dying soon, and I  plan to support Borderline in other ways. But now I know that, whatever happens, I will have made a small but lasting contribution.”

This frank account by a Borderline supporter (he was more comfortable not giving his name) highlights some of the difficulties we all face when considering leaving a gift in our Will. That is probably why only 7 per cent of the population actually take that positive step. And only one third even write a Will.

A gift in a Will  doesn’t have to be big a sum. Whatever the  size the benefits for a charity like Borderline can be enormous: helping someone move off the streets into secure accommodation takes time and commitment. A gift in a Will won’t cost its donor anything now, yet it can help our clients in the long term, ensuring the values we all support live on.

This year Borderline was lucky enough to be made a winner of Remember A Charity’s competition as part of Small Charity Week. Part of the prize was membership of Remember a Charity,  a consortium of over 150 charities set up to raise awareness of the importance of having a Will . This means that our supporters have access to the Co-op Legal Service, which offers our supporters a 20% discount when writing their Will.

For more information from Borderline:

If you have any questions about legacies, please contact Samantha Evans, Fundraising Officer: T: 0845 456 2190 E:

Information about Wills:

Details of all qualified solicitors are available from the Law Society website:

You can search for solicitors by legal issue (e.g. Wills and probate) and then by location (postcode, town, city or country) to find local, specialist qualified solicitors.

Remember A Charity:
Remember a Charity Logo

Exclusive Will-writing offer

As a Remember A Charity member, your supporters will automatically receive a generous discount of 20% on their online Will. Prices start from only £99 + VAT (£118.80) for a standard single Will and no code is required. Please share the following link with your supporters:

This simple process will be followed up with a phone call from a legal expert to finalise your supporter’s Will at their convenience, offering the benefits of online convenience mixed with offline support and advice. Co-op Legal Services will also provide us with insight data so that we can track responses from your supporters.

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What information do I need to include Borderline in my Will?

When speaking with a solicitor, the only information you will need to provide about the charity you wish to include in your Will is:

Charity name: New Borderline (known as Borderline)

Charity number: 1128648 and SC044530

Charity address: 22 City Road, London EC1Y 2AJ


Borderline have a carol service each year on the last Sunday before Christmas. The venue for this event alternates yearly between Crown Court Church of Scotland and St Columba’s Church of Scotland. This is a great event to update supporters on what Borderline has achieved in the past year. If you would like to know further details about the Christmas carol event, please contact Samantha Evans on  0845 456 2190, or by email at

Challenge Events

We have an exciting new partnership with Discover Adventure. The process couldn’t be simpler: 1 choose your challenge;2 set your fundraising target; 3 click on one of the links below. Borderline will get 50 per cent of the target plus any money you raise over and above it.

Here are the links:

  1. To book online for the London Marathon Walk please click here

Click here to view the challenge online

  1. To book online for the Ben Nevis Weekend please click here

Click here to view the challenge online

  1.    To book online for the London to Paris Cycle please click here

Click here to view the challenge online

Dive out of an aeroplane!








Tempted? Details below…

Prefer to keep your feet on the ground? Volunteer for our 10k run


We are still looking for a sixth runner to raise £250 and take part in the Virgin 10 k on 9th July 2017. Contact Samantha for details on  0845 456 2190, or by email at

You’ll find background information on the event here


If you are a part of or know of a charitable trust, business, faith group or community group, there are many ways you can help Borderline.

Trust and Foundations

If you are a trustee or have contact with a trust, and would like to support Borderline, we would love to hear from you.

With the Scottish Government withdrawing it’s funding of £56,437, Borderline is looking at other ways to raise vital funds for homeless Scots in London. You could sponsor one of our beds at a local YMCA hostel, fund our Scottish Outreach Worker’s position, contribute towards our clothing grants programme, for example.

As a thank you for donating, your trust or foundation could be advertised in our supporters section of the website.


A member of the team at Borderline would be happy to come and talk to staff at your business to explain how Borderline helps homeless Scots in London.

There are multiple ways you could support us: office collections, charity of the year, individual fundraising etc. See our fundraise for Borderline page to understand other ways you could raise money.

Faith or Community Group


We are extremely grateful to the Church of Scotland’s continuous support. These vary to holding retiring collections, spreading awareness, the hire of venues for Borderline events, members of the congregation supporting Borderline etc.

If you are a member of a faith or community group and would like to support Borderline, please contact