Supporting Homeless Scots in London

Billy’s Story

Billy's StoryBilly grew up in Edinburgh. As an early teenager, he suffered a major trauma.

“When I was 13-14 years old I got raped and molested by a friend of the family, and that continued for about two years”

Billy briefly ran away to England, but as soon as he returned to Scotland, he was put in a children’s home. In the early 90s he came down to London, and lived on the streets for three years until he bumped into a relative who took him in and gave him work. He eventually got a full-time job and met his future wife.

“Things started getting better and better for me. We got married. I adopted my first daughter. And then we had a daughter in 2001.”

“And then I started getting flashbacks and panic attacks, and I decided to leave my wife and went up to Scotland again.”

For the next thirteen years Billy was in and out of homelessness, both in Scotland and London, increasingly disturbed by flashbacks and “taking thousands of class A drugs”, he says.

In 2014, with support from Borderline’s Scottish Outreach Worker, Billy got off the streets, and eventually into accommodation. Alex (pictured
with Billy) stays in regular touch with him while he settles in. Borderline have also arranged for Billy to attend the Camden Psychotherapy Unit.

“That’s helping me a hell of a lot. It’s making me feel better in myself. I’m not in a little shell anymore. It’s a big world out there and there is no point being the way I am at the moment. I know that, and hopefully the therapy is going to help me get there. And I feel it is.”

You can see Billy’s story on video here