Supporting Homeless Scots in London

Glenn’s Story

Glenn found himself homeless in 2012. Having previously worked for a large blue chip organisation for more than 20 years he was a successful and carefree young man. In 2002, Glenn was hit by a period of severe clinical depression, which then led to alcohol problems and his weight almost doubling within a few years.

Glenn Cameron still 2Despite taking various medications and trying alternative therapies for many years, he still felt isolated and that they did not help him very much. This led to various breakdowns, with some having life-threatening circumstances. In 2012, it all came to a head and Glenn became homeless.

For months he lived on the streets, slept in hostel dormitories, various parks and even Terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport. He often saw long queues for food at The Passage (a day centre near Victoria Station)but would feel too embarrassed to join.

After successfully overcoming alcohol problems, he looked for further support from various organisations, charities and councils, whilst battling his depression. Unfortunately, with some of the organisations that Glenn approached, he felt that it seemed he was being passed onto other contact numbers.

Glenn's StoryThen one day, Glenn discovered a leaflet at the public library, which contained Borderline’s details. He then called the number to arrange an appointment with Borderline. Glenn then began to feel more positive as he entered the YMCA in Waltham Forest and began to receive the help and support he had been needing.

Since then, Glenn has volunteered on the reception with Borderline for nearly two years, as well as regularly helping the charity with admin and at events. He has also been supported by one of Borderline’s Career’s Advisers so he can get his career back on track.

Glenn now lives in a Housing Association flat and believes it’s thanks to Borderline that he can finally see himself regaining employment and is optimistic for what his future holds.

You can see Glenn’s story in this video