Supporting Homeless Scots in London

Jack’s Story

50 years old from Fife, an ex-serviceman of the Black Watch 1st Battalion, Melvin Platoon. Jack experienced violence from a young age which led to him fleeing his family home aged just 15.

After completing his service in the Battalion, Jack accessed housing association accommodation in Fife. However, Jack lost his 10 year old son following a car accident in which Jack was driving. This led to multiple suicide attempts and a stay in a psychiatric hospital. He believed that the medication prescribed for his bereavement issues were ineffective and, after being diagnosed with PTSD, he became alcohol and drug dependent. He was not able to sustain his tenancy, accruing arrears and was evicted.

He was referred to the Scottish Outreach Worker after he was found sleeping rough in London. Borderline’s Outreach Worker engaged with Jack to try to access accommodation and to encourage engagement with much needed mental health and substance misuse services. Jack refused to engage with these services and was admitted to a local mental health hospital following another suicide attempt.

The Scottish Outreach Worker accessed temporary accommodation for him. However, Jack had trouble settling in and there was an incident that led to his arrest. The Scottish Outreach Worker is still in contact with Jack to ensure there will be support for him when he is released.