Supporting Homeless Scots in London

Tom’s Story

42 years old, from Edinburgh, previously served in the military. Tom found himself rough sleeping in London after believing he would be able to access accommodation in the city. He was diagnosed with PTSD and would regularly self-medicate with alcohol.

Tom was referred to the Scottish Outreach Worker project after he refused to engage with other services and for the first time he allowed an outreach worker to support him with his homelessness. Borderline’s Outreach Worker housed Tom in temporary accommodation before referring him to a detox programme for his alcohol use. After 12 weeks, Tom relapsed and returned to the streets.

The Scottish Outreach Worker worked with Tom to understand what had happened. Tom explained that he would rather return back to Scotland. Borderline’s Outreach Worker liaised with Edinburgh Council and it was established that Tom still had a local connection. To complete the reconnection, Tom was given a bus ticket and was linked with relevant services in Edinburgh. He is now living in a flat in Edinburgh with support from a veteran’s charity.

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