Supporting Homeless Scots in London

Stephen’s Story

Stephen* was involved in an abusive relationship for several years. He was emotionally manipulated by his partner who prevented him from making contact with his friends and family and was assaulted by her son who had untreated mental health problems. Years of this abuse lead to him experiencing severe anxiety. Stephen finally had enough and walked out but having lost contact with family and friends he had nowhere else to turn and started to sleep on the streets. He was found by his local outreach team who referred him to Borderline’s Scottish Outreach worker. He arranged for Stephen to be referred by ScotsCare to a bed at Forest YMCA.

Stephen has a room of his own and a key worker who’s responsible for ensuring his stay at the YMCA goes well. Despite the ordeal he went through Stephen is a very kind and conscientious man who is keen to make a positive difference to the world around him. He has impressed staff at the YMCA by being keen to engage in volunteering opportunities and training sessions. Forest YMCA manages Brooks Farm – a city farm in Leyton – and Stephen has been given the opportunity to take part in looking after their animals.

*Stephen’s name has been changed to protect his identity