Supporting Homeless Scots in London

Introducing our new Scottish Outreach Worker

Borderline’s new Scottish Outreach Worker, Daniel Harman is a South Wales native who came to us from homeless charity The Passage. He also has substantial experience working in the fields of mental health and dealing with drug and alcohol issues. He earned a Masters in Health Psychology with a focus on substance misuse, addiction and dependency.

On not being a Scot in the role of Scottish Outreach Work, Daniel remarks: “I can honestly say that so far it has not been an issue and I believe that the support I go onto provide takes precedence over my nationality.” He points out that he can already see similarities between experiences clients had encountered in South Wales and Scottish clients he is now dealing with, particularly relating to substance misuse and mental health issues.

Taking into account that clients he deals with often have experienced traumatic events in their lives and while being street homeless. Daniel says: “It is my role not to show sympathy, but to empathise with each individual’s unique experience and support them along their recovery from homelessness. This motivates me to do the best I can for each client that I work with and to strive to continue to progress and develop as a worker to ensure I can provide support to those that need it most.”

He is continually communicating with clients and professional networks about the level of support Borderline provides to 1st and 2nd generation Scottish in London, ensuring that all are clear as to how the charity can assist. Daniel says “I believe developing such positive networks has already paid dividends with several referrals received for 2nd generation Scottish individuals.”

His advice to anyone wanting to help homeless people they encounter, is for them to take the time to be aware of the local homelessness services so they can direct individuals to organisations that provide shelters, food banks, soup kitchens and other services. He also suggests supporting charities such as Borderline, that can support clients on their path to recovery from street homelessness.

If you would like to and out more about our Scottish Outreach Worker project, please visit scottishoutreachworker/