Supporting Homeless Scots in London

Katie’s story

Katie was born in Ayrshire and has a history of street homelessness stretching back to 2012. She experienced significant trauma during her teenage years and while sleeping rough, including sexual assault and domestic violence. To cope, Katie turned to substances such as alcohol and the synthetic cannabinoid ‘Spice’, which left her incredibly vulnerable on the street. 

When she was met by Borderline’s Scottish Outreach Worker Daniel Harman during the recent cold weather, she was offered respite in the Night Centre at The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields. However she refused several times.

Daniel partnered with other homeless services including day centres and outreach teams to engage Katie and support her. Finally, through multi-agency work Katie was accepted into a local homeless hostel designed specifically to house complex need clients. She was housed in a female only cluster, where she is being supported to make positive changes in her. Daniel remains very much involved with Katie’s case, supporting her to sustain her tenancy, visiting weekly to check she is settling in and eventually he will support her with her move into more permanent accommodation.=