Supporting Homeless Scots in London

Legacy – My part in creating change

Legacy - My part in creating changeBorderline supporter Etienne Duval writes about his passion for our work and why he felt compelled to leave a gift in his Will.

Borderline is the only charity specifically set up to support homeless Scots in London. I am part-Scottish, I came to London as an outsider, and that helps me identify with people who have been a lot less fortunate than me.

Borderline is a small charity doing a vital job. Being associated with it for several years now, I have seen for myself how it can change lives radically.

A very good team of caseworkers ensures that a client has the best chance to settle into a new life. It doesn’t work every time. But when it does, the change is spectacular and humbling.

Supporting the cause has given me an opportunity to do something concrete, and play a very small part in supporting people we all see every day in the streets, whose desperate situation often makes us feel powerless to help.

I was inspired to leave a gift in my Will by an awareness of my privileged position. But before I took that step, I needed to overcome a reluctance to think about my own mortality.

Once I did, it became obvious that leaving a gift was a very logical, practical way to help change the lives of fellow human beings.

I am confident that my gift will help vulnerable and isolated Scots in London after me. I know the Borderline team will make good decisions at the time about how it is best used. I trust their judgement and professionalism.

If you would like to find out more information about leaving a gift in your Will to Borderline, please email our Fundraising Officer on