Need Our Help?

We support:

• a person born in Scotland or;
• the child of a person born in Scotland or;
• the widow, widower or surviving member of a civil partnership of a person born in Scotland.

To be eligible for support, applicants must be located within a 35 mile radius of Charing Cross.

How to access our help

If you need our support, call Borderline’s free helpline 0800 174 047. You can speak confidentially to one of our team at our offices on 22 City Road, London EC1Y 2AJ.

Appointment Times

Monday to Friday: 09.30 – 12.30

Drop-in Times

Drop-ins and appointments are currently not taking place due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. Please call our free helpline at 0800 174047 to access help.

If you find yourself rough sleeping in London:

it is a good idea to present to the Local Authority (if you do not know where this is, it is always good to present at a library, they will have this information).

Useful Links:

Scottish outreach workers based at CSTM and hold a drop in at the Passage every Thursday 10am – 1pm
For more information, their links can be found below:

If you are homeless or see someone who is homeless, please tell Street Link:
0300 500 0914

For more information on our Scottish Outreach Workers

Glenn’s Story

Glenn found himself homeless in 2012