Supporting Homeless Scots in London

Outreach demand grows

The number of clients supported by our Scottish Outreach Worker project continues to increase, with 68 clients receiving assistance, advice and referral to services in the past year, a 15% increase over the previous year. Our assessment report shows a diverse range of clients and situations:

Needs assessments showed that: 56% had drug misuse issues; 47% had alcohol misuse issues; 66% had mental health support needs, and 65% were considered to have physical health needs.

The report also showed

• 6% of clients reported that they had previously served in the Armed Forces
• 34% of clients reported that they had previously been in care
• 90% of clients were met in the borough of Westminster. This demonstrates the importance of having our Scottish Outreach Worker based at the Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields in Westminster. The remaining 10% were met in nine different boroughs, highlighting how our Scottish Outreach Worker works across London.
• 7% were female
• 71% have been in prison
• 31% of the 68 clients who worked with our Scottish Outreach Worker stayed in accommodation last year. This includes a hostel stay, referral into a night shelter, sheltered housing, and private rented accommodation and/or returning to family/reconnection