Supporting Homeless Scots in London

Outreach project update

Our latest research highlights that the clients our Outreach team work with day in, day out, are facing complex support needs.

• 67% had mental health support needs
• 74% had physical health needs
• 59% had drug misuse issues
• 57% had alcohol misuse issues
• 74% report they have spent time in prison
• 43% report they were in care

Over the past year (2018/19), our Scottish Outreach Worker project has achieved a total of 118 successful outcomes for our clients, tirelessly working to ensure the best possible result on their behalf. In total, we helped 68 clients with a wide range of support:

• Our outreach workers had over 1,000 contacts with clients throughout the year;
• Provided 57 clients with general support and advice through our helpline and walk-in service;
• Facilitated 33 stays in a range of accommodation options;
• Provided 23 financial grants for clothing and home starter packs;
• Secured 15 birth certificates to help with identification purposes;
• Helped 9 individuals engage with specialist support services;
• Facilitated 6 reconnections to break the cycle of someone’s homelessness.