Winter 2021/22 update

Winter 2021/22 update

As winter progresses, life for homeless Scots can become tougher. The Borderline outreach team have been busy working closely with their clients to find the best possible combination of support that can help move them away from the streets and into safe and secure housing as the temperature drops. Would you be able to support their efforts by donating to Borderline?

The previous year has been a difficult one, with the effects of the pandemic felt by all. For Borderline, this made giving homeless Scots access to accommodation, financial support, counselling and general advice even harder, but the team worked tirelessly to keep support levels steady throughout.

The need for homelessness support for Scots in London remains high, with 1 in 10 homeless people identifying as first or second generation Scottish, meaning Scots are overrepresented in the group.

The adverse consequences of entrenched homelessness can be profound and long lasting. While suffering with poor physical and mental health, Borderline clients are less likely to maintain employment or relationships within their social networks, leading to increased chances of loneliness and isolation. According to the Combined Homelessness and Information Network (CHAIN):

  • 65% homeless Scots face complex support needs from mental health
  • 75% of homeless Scots suffer from physical ill health
  • 60% of homeless Scots have drug and alcohol issues

These complex and multi-faceted support needs are why Borderline adopts a multi-agency approach with several homelessness services, and why in May, Borderline began a new mental health provision service in partnership with Brett Grellier Psychotherapy services (BGPS), experts in providing psychological support to homeless clients.

Sadly, others still remain rough sleeping or in insecure housing whilst battling complex support needs. This winter, I ask you to please consider making your gift a monthly donation, whatever the size, by joining our Saltire Donor Club, to help individuals to rebuild their lives.

I hope that the new year is treating you well and take care.