Kirrstine’s story

Kirstine – a 32-year-old from Dundee, moved to London with her mum at 6 years old. On top of a traumatic upbringing, Kirstine has also lived with some mental health difficulties.

Since becoming an adult, Kirstine had struggled to retain, long term stable accommodation and not long ago finished a period of nearly three years of sleeping rough before our outreach worker was able to secure her a place in a hostel, and subsequently a flat last summer.

Since moving into the flat, Kirstine has really engaged with the support our outreach workers have been able to provide her. She’s also working positively with drug services to help reduce her drug use through the Maintenance Reduction Programme. On top of this Kirstine has also engaged in Borderline’s psychotherapy service and is slowly seeing some hard won positive results from her regular involvement.

Through being securely housed and engaging with services, Kirstine, for the first time in a long time, is seeing her confidence and self-esteem return. Our outreach workers continue to check in with Kirstine to ensure her progress remains on track.

Our outreach workers continue to engage with Kirstine on a regular basis.

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