Outreach team update

We are conducting support needs assessments and assisting clients in a number of ways. Here is a small insight into some of the casework that our Scottish Outreach Workers, Alex and Patricia, have been managing over the past few months.

David is a long-term rough sleeper who was given emergency Covid-protect shelter in Paddington during the first lockdown. After this ended and with our support, he moved into a permanent 1-bedroom Housing Association flat with its own garden. We have continued to support David at every step of this huge change, whilst also helping him to cope with the death of his beloved Staffordshire terrier.


Whilst Graham was in a temporary hostel stay during lockdown, he significantly reduced his drug use, and his mood and optimism improved. Whilst in regular phone contact with him, Graham came to the decision he wanted to move back home to Dumfries and be nearer family. We worked tirelessly to facilitate this return by liaising with health services, making sure he had a methadone prescription, and access to specialist drug services in Scotland. We remain in contact to see how he is settling in.


Our outreach team are supporting clients to access their benefits, helping with Universal Credit and Housing Benefit claims, whilst also providing budgeting advice to help clients manage their finances. As many of our clients are not computer literate, completing applications online can be a real challenge.

Whilst we are working more intensively with existing clients, we continue to receive new client referrals and are providing assistance as appropriate in current circumstances.

*names have been changed to protect the anonymity of our clients


If you are able to support fellow Scots at this time, please visit our donations page. 

*Names are confidential to respect anonymity of our clients

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