Project Outcomes


Project outcomes

We wanted to take this chance to share our 2019-20 project outcomes with you. Our latest research further underlines the complex, and often interconnected support needs that our clients face:

  • 69% (2019: 59%) had drug misuse issues
  • 58% (2019: 57%) had alcohol misuse issues
  • 73% (2019: 67%) had mental health support needs
  • 65% (2019: 74%) had physical health needs
  • 62% report having spent time in prison
  • 31% have been spent time in care


We helped a total of 147 clients (131 men & 16 women) with tailored one-to-one support across the year. Our dedicated outreach team alone supported 65 long-term rough sleepers, and had over 1200 contacts with clients. With your support, we:


  • Provided 54 financial grants for clothing and home starter packs
  • Helped 45 clients to access critical health services
  • Secured 45 birth certificates to help with identification purposes
  • Facilitated 28 clients to successfully move into new accommodation
  • Held 15 cross-agency client case conferences to advocate on our client’s behalf
  • Facilitated 6 reconnections with family and/or friends

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